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The Wytheville-Wythe-Bland Chamber of Commerce, through its Board of Directors and staff, have been working for the areas of total economic development for the past 73 years. The sixteen directors representing all sections of Wythe and Bland Counties, and the members serving on the committees give unselfishly of their time to enrich our area.

The primary purpose of the Chamber of Commerce is to develop the economic potential of the community to the maximum. In order to achieve this purpose, the Chamber remains active and interested in all aspects of community life including educational, recreational, agricultural, cultural development, and living conditions. The Chamber's list of accomplishments is long, but a Chamber is only as good and effective as the people who comprise its membership. Therefore, it is our citizens, civic and community minded, who have worked within the Chamber of Commerce to help secure our areas of growth and development. Our Chamber is people working together to enhance the quality of life.

Mission:    The Wytheville-Wythe-Bland Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting a favorable business climate for our members and communities in addition to partnering with other like organizations to make Wythe and Bland Counties a welcoming place to live, work and play.

Vision:      To be a working advocate within the business community.

Strategic Plan Goals, Objectives and Action Plan